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Account and Payments

We don't have option of pro-rated plan changes, but you can cancel your Paypal subscription and re-subscribe back to another plan

We strictly don't allow adult and pharma sites hosting with SiteWyz to make sure non of the SiteWyz members site's penalized for sharing "bad neighborhood". We scan posts automatically daily and reserve rights to take down any site without warning, if it violates our Terms of Service.


Not at the moment. As we grow number of servers world-wide we are planning to add support for a region preference. Right now system selects random host from the pool and guarantees that every site within the network deployed on unique C-block IP hosting


SiteWyz monitors all sites with the status online with 5 minutes interval. Status and page loading speed saved and can be viewed in Site - Uptime Monitor tab.  System creates alert every time site is unavailable / down

SiteWyz checks number of indexed pages daily for every site with status "online"

SiteWyz updates all metrics (majestic, ahrefs, alexa)  weekly

Moz.com updates it's index every 1-2 months, you can see history of updates here - https://moz.com/products/api/updates. SiteWyz updates Moz metrics (Page Authority, Domain Authority,ect) as soon as new update is available


You will find API key for integration with RankWyz (posting, rank tracking, etc) at Site - Settings - RankWyz Integration


You can block bots on two levels - enable "block unwanted bots" option (Site - Settings - SEO Settings) to block all major site crawlers (ahrefs, moz, majestic and few others) and/or you can update robots.txt (Site - Settings - Robots.txt)

When you make changes you can see them with "Site Preview" immediately. By design SiteWyz propagates changes to the remote hosting automatically on the background and it can take up to 12 hours (although usually much sooner) before you see changes online.

At the moment we have implemented following shortcodes: [code:contactForm] - generates contact form; [code:privacy] and [code:terms] - generates content for the privacy policy and terms of service and [code:map] to display google map

By default every site is configured to show 404 page if requested URL doesn't exists on the site. You can change default behavior and redirect to any existing page or post at Site - Settings - SEO Settings - Missing Pages

Yes, you can create sites and content in your own language

Make sure the site "undeployed" first. You will be able to delete site from the list of sites