The Easiest Way to Create and Host Blog Networks
Create, Deploy, Post Content and Monitor

You Know The Power of Private Blog Networks

But You Haven't Created Any or You Don't Have As Many As You Think You Neeed To Make a Big Impact on Search Ranking

It's All Because There is A Lot Of Work, Knowledge and,

Most Importantly - Time Required to Set Everything Up!

  • Signup for multiple hosting accounts
  • Install and configure Wordpress
  • Setup random themes and required plugins
  • Configure security
  • Optimize site performance and page loading speed
  • Create blog structure and optimize on-page SEO

But That's Just a Beginning, Here is Your Daily Checklist

  • Manage Wordpress and update plugins and themes
  • Monitor security and protect your blog from hacking
  • Monitor metrics to make sure your blog is safe for SEO
  • Check blog indexing - #1 criteria of your blog's SEO value
  • Monitor site's uptime and speed load
  • Perform regular backups

And Now Multiply All Above By 20, 50 or even 100 times

No Wonder You May Feel Overwhelmed and Having a Hard Time Getting Started


Integrated Site Building and Hosting Solution for Your Blog Networks

Content Management System Built with PBN in Mind

Create and Update Your Sites in One Place

Automatically Synchronize All Changes to Remote Hosting Server. Safe and Secure

  • Custom CMS, Buit-in SEO Optimized
  • Designed to mimick different CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Html site
  • 95+ score on page load speed tests
  • Growing list of themes
  • All advantages of Wordpress without overhead
    • posts and pages
    • sticky posts
    • categories and tags
    • widgets - recent posts, categories, archives
  • Block all unwanted bots with the single click
  • Site customizations
    • social share buttons widget
    • built-in terms of service and privacy policy generator
    • smart contact form - receive all your messages via SiteWyz
    • shortcodes - google map and others
    • monetization widgets (coming soon)
  • One-click deployment on remote hosting
  • 150 Servers from multiple providers
  • Multiple World-wide locations
  • 100+ unique A/B IP ranges
  • Guaranteed unique C class IP

Free Yourself From Daily Managing and Monitoring of Your PBNs

Let SiteWyz Run and Monitor Your Sites For You, While You Grow Your Business

NO - Wordpress and plugins to update

NO - Security issues and hacking

NO - Data backups required

NO - Optimizing for performance

NO - Tweaking on-page SEO

NO - Slow hosting and downtimes Features Tour

Organize Your Networks

  • Group your site in networks
  • Convenienly view network summary
  • View map of hosting geo-locations
  • View stats on unique A,B and C class IPs
  • Check indexed and non-indexed sites

Create New Site in Minuites

  • Enter title, tagline, keywords and description
  • Select from the growing list of 30+ themes
  • Create categories, customize category pages
  • Create pages and posts
  • Use shortcodes for contact form and google map
  • Use shortcodes to generate privacy policy and terms of service
  • Customize Advances SEO Settings - noindex, nofollow

View SEO Metrics of Your Sites

  • Weekly updates on all major metrics - Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs
  • Daily indexing check
  • Houly DNS and online status check
  • Daily email alerts with any metrics changes

View Advanced Metrics and History of Changes

  • All metrics updated weekly
  • Moz - domain and page authority, number of backlinks and moz rank
  • Majestic - citation and trust flow, backlinks, indexed pages and referring domains
  • Ahrefs - domain rank, url rank, backlinks and referring pages
  • Alexa, PR, number of posts and indexed URLs

Advanced SEO Profiles

  • Anchors Distribution
  • Most popular anchors
  • Backlinks breakdown - follow, redirect, image, etc

Uptime Monitoring

  • 5 minute interval uptime monitor
  • Page load speed monitoring
  • Easy graph for an hour, day, week and month
  • Instant notification for the site's downtime
  • Broken internal links checker

Protecting good sites

  • Tracking de-indexed sites
  • Scanning posts for illegal content
  • Automatically de-activating "bad" sites to protect "good neighbourhood"

Instant Deployment

  • Deployment on dedicated servers, shared hosting or Cloudflare
  • Over 150 unique locations world-wide
  • Unique C-class IP addresses

Automatically Build Backlinks

  • One-click enable your network for backlinking
  • Select Content topic for a relevant content
  • Backlinks placed over huge pool of aged web2 blogs